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    InvivoEx is a startup biotech research and service company. Our research focuses on specific tissues and organs targeted in vivo gene delivery for the treatment of metabolic diseases. We provide histopathology, in vivo biology, rodent surgery, experimental design and data analysis services for biotech companies and research institutes. Our goal is to express deliver research expertise to our clients and accelerate their research success.

Yarong Sunny Lu, MD, PhD; Founder & President

      Dr. Lu has twelve years of academic and industry research experience with in vivo biology expertise in metabolic diseases. Dr. Lu most recently worked at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University where she successfully designed and set up new methods of endoluminal sleeve device implantation in mouse models; thus enabling deep mechanism studies of non-invasive bariatric operation. Dr. Lu is also a visiting scientist at McGill University; she is currently a co-investigator of an operating grant from Canadian Diabetes Association. Previously, Dr. Lu served as a scientist of in vivo biology at NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc. and worked on in vivo gene screening platform for drug discovery in diabetes and obesity research; she developed a new model of duodenal-Jejunal bypass surgery on Zucker fatty rats for microarray studies. Using high throughput gene screening methods, Dr. Lu and her colleagues screened hundred genes within a year, and submitted 9 patent applications. Dr. Lu received her MD from Tianjin Medical University and served as a resident in the affiliated hospital. Dr. Lu obtained her PhD in Experimental Medicine of McGill University, her research focused on pancreatic islet biology, especially in islet function, beta cell protection, regeneration on type 1 diabetes and insulin signaling pathway on type 2 diabetes. Then she did postdoctoral training at Stanford University, her research focused on the mechanism studies of lipid homeostasis. Dr. Lu had 9 published papers and 2 issued patents in US.

Jun-Li Liu, PhD; Scientific Advisor

      Dr. Liu is a tenured associate professor in Department of Medicine of McGill University. He has received several funding supports from JDRF, CIHR, CDA & NSERC and maintained active projects on the role of IGF-I and Reg family proteins on pancreatic islet growth and glucose homeostasis using various knockout and transgenic mice. Dr. Liu has successfully supervised PhD graduates and postdocs and kept active in teaching. Dr. Liu received his BSc & MSc at Peking University, he studied molecular endocrinology under Dr. Yogesh C. Patel and received PhD in Experimental Medicine at McGill University. Then he worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Derek LeRoith at NIDDK where he initiated the work on Cre/loxP-mediated conditional targeting of the mouse IGF-I gene and studied the effects of liver-specific IGF-I gene deficiency. Dr. Liu has numerous publications and he serves as reviewer for multiple journals.